Friday, June 25, 2010

Only 4 left out of the Orignal 8

So I am in an 4 bedroom/8 person apartment, and we now only have 6 people and only 4 of us are the orignal roommates.

Earlier in the program 2 of our roommates decided to move out of the apartment because of personal differences with the rest of us. I wish we could have worked things out, but we just didn't get the chance. So we got 2 new roommates. Their names are Caitlin and Anne Bailey. They were a Vista but wanted to move over here to Chatham. So there were 8 of us for a while until last week =(

My one roommate, Lene, got terminated from the program because of attendance. She had missed too many days of work, when you are terminated they take your company ID and escort you off the property, they didn't even let her go to her locker, another employee had to retrieve her stuff for her. She had until 11 am the next day to be out of the apartment. Lucky for her, she is only from Tampa so its not like she had to make travel arrangements and stuff like that. I felt kind of sad. She was like a best friend and I wish she would have been able to stay

The other roomie, Brittany, was going home to Michigan to visit her family, while she was there she found out she had mono. She got a medical release from the program and will not be returning. Housing came over with some boxes so we could box up her stuff and they will store it until her parents come to get it and her car.

New Classes

So since my program is until Aug I had the chance to take some more classes. I signed up for Creativity and Innovation. It is all about how to really be more creative. Everyone has some creativity you just have to figure out how to access it.

The class is really fun. We have to have an "idea journal" which is like a notebook that you can put whatever you want in. Quotes, pictures, drawings, new ideas whatever you want really. There is usually an assignment due but it is simple. I really like the teacher, she is really funny and there are lots of fun things we do in class. One day she gave us a bunch of pieces from different games and we spent an hour trying to figure out a new game we could play with them.

Last week we went to the Florida Mall to look around at displays and then ask the employees if they got to make them themselves. Most of the stores told us No that they get instructions on how to do it, but we went to this one really cool soap store called "Lush" and they can pretty much do what they want.