Monday, December 31, 2012

Updated Plans

Hello old friends!

It has been a while since I have updated this blog, but I have not given up on my Disney Dreams!  After I realized I would not meet my seasonal requirements I self separated from the company in order to have an unrestricted re-hire status when I applied for Professional Internships and the CP.

I went to Detroit to intern at GM and I had a really great time. Surprisingly Chevrolet has been sending their dealership owners to conferences at Disney to learn about customer service! I really think my experiences working for the company helped me in this internship as I was able to draw from the things I learned at Disney.

I am graduating in May! (Finally!) So what are my plans? Well I want to apply for Professional Internships, My dream job is Guest Relations, and I really feel that I would be fantastic at it! There are several other internships I am interested in as well, so we will see. However they are very competitive so I will also be applying to the CP as something to fall back on. You need to be in school or on a current program to be eligible for PI's so if I don't get one and I do a CP I get another chance!

The thing is I am only interested in Hospitality or Concierge really. They say the more roles you choose the better chance you have. It is sort of risky to only apply for these roles but I think I should have a better chance since I did Hospitality previously, and that is the line of business I am interested in the most. BBB would be cool too. So I don't really know, I'm looking for a position that would strengthen my chances of getting Guest Relations.

Applications for both should go up in mid January, so I am patiently (not) waiting. The only snag is with PI's sometimes they don't let you know until like APRIL!! So that leaves you scrambling at the end. I'm also applying for non-Disney jobs but I haven't heard anything in regards to those. In the mean time I am stalking the Fall 2013 programs Facebook group and trying to get application and interview information from current PI's!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Seasonal woes

So I went Seasonal after my program ended. There are new requirements that you have to complete 150 hours from Oct 1 2011 to Sept. 30th 2012. I went down after Christmas and New Year's and worked 80 hours.

I had put in my availability for my Spring Break in March hoping to get close to 40 hours and then I would pick up some EHH to get some more. But I was only scheduled for 6 hours =(

So is it worth it to still travel the 1600+ miles and try to find other shifts? I'm not sure. The other issue is that I had planned to return over the summer but now I was offered an internship at General Motors in Detriot. It was too much of an amazing opportunity to pass up so I accepted it. Even if I did go down and manage to find at least 30 hours, I would still need another 40 to meet the requirements. I don't see that happening.

So I'm sad to say that my Disney experience may be coming to an end for now. I really wish that I did not have to choose, but to be honest if GM offers me a job after graduation I will take it. And I wouldn't be able to stay seasonal anyway.

As of right now, I am going to try to give that shift away, and see what happens between now and Sept. 30th. If I cannot meet the requirements I will leave the company in an appropriate manner so I can be eligible for another CP or PI after I graduate next May.