Monday, February 25, 2013

2 weeks today!

Today I have been waiting 2 weeks since my phone interview for the CP. They say you need to wait 2-3 weeks, but many people have already been accepted or pended who have interviewed after me.  Now I know just because I haven't been pended, doesn't mean I still can't be. But I hope it means I will be accepted.

So I am just sitting here waiting and I know that I will still be waiting for a long time to hear back about Professional internships as well. So I am just trying to patient until I hear something.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

No Management Internship for Me...

I'm very upset right now, as I am no longer in consideration for the Lodging Management Internship.

I am not sure why I am not being considered. I have years of leadership experience through student government organizations and have a leadership role in my current job.  I provided a cover letter and two letters of recommendation for this position as well.  I worked Front Desk on my CP too.

I'm upset because I felt that I was really well qualified for this position. I mean I feel I am qualified for all the ones I applied for, but I felt I would be an excellent candidate for this MI. I didn't think I was going to get it, but I thought I would at least make it to the first round of interviews.

On the plus side, I am still in consideration for the other PI's I applied for and for the College Program. If one of those pans out, I can apply for another management position next season.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Waiting Game

The waiting game has begun and already I am anxious and nervous! The sad part about it is I will also be waiting for an extremely long time since they told me the latest date to hear back about PIs is April 26th!

The wait time for the CP should be much shorter, probably only about 2 weeks. Some people are getting emails that they are pending and others are getting NLIC on their dashboard. No one has been accepted yet.

I really don't like this whole dashboard thing. When I applied for the Spring 2010 Program there was no dashboard, you did your phone interview and then you waited for them to email you. There was no where to constantly log in and check, I wasn't even in a Facebook group where other people would constantly post about their status. I was happy and content just waiting. But now, I'm so nervous and anxious! I log on several times a day to check my status.

I really need the to get the CP in case I don't get a PI. Otherwise what will I do? Ahh!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Disney College Program Interview: COMPLETE

Today I had my interview for the College Program. My interviewer's name was Jenny. She was very nice, but also very professional. She didn't really offer me much feedback for my answers so that has left me feeling a little uneasy, but I do feel confident in the answers I gave.

First she asked me some basic questions about my age, being enrolled in school, and confirming that I wanted Fall Advantage at WDW. Then she moved onto these questions:

Why do you want to return to do a Disney College Program?
How do you deal with doing a repettiive task?
Do you prefer a slow pace or fast paced work environment?
How has your other work experience prepared you for the roles you chose?
Do you prefer to work indoors or outdoors?
What do you think makes good teamwork?
Tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult Guest or customer?

Next she went over the roles I had expressed interest in. When I answered the question about working indoors I told her it was because I had a medical condition and could not work in the heat for long periods of time. I told her that I chose roles that I felt would best accommodate me. She suggested removing Attractions and Recreation from my consideration because of this.

What are your top 3 roles? (Concierge, Hospitality, BBB)
Why are you interested in conceirge?
What do you expect as a guest staying in one of our resorts?
Do you have experience with hair or makeup?

And before I knew it, it was all over. It was only 17 minutes total. Now the hard part is to just wait and see what happens. I really hope I am accepted since this is my back up plan for a Professional Internship.

Now to wait and see!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Alumni Only Phone Interview: COMPLETE!!

Hey all,

I just completed my alumni only phone interview for Professional Internships. My interview was supposed to be at 5:15 but they called at 5:30. The interviewer apologized for the delay and explained that they were running a little over time on previous interviews. ( I actually took this as a good sign!) She explained she would extend the same courtesy to me as the others. She was very upbeat and friendly and put me at ease.

I told her I planned to apply for a Lodging MI and some other PI's but had not done so yet and she said that some departments may look up this interview to use, and others may contact me for an interview. She said she would ask me some MI questions so they would have those to look at if I was being considered for it.

Questions she asked:

Why do you want to do a PI?
What qualities do you think a Leader has?
What leadership experience do you have?
What skills have you learned from working at X Y and Z?
How do you you stay organized?
Tell me about a conflict with a guest, co worker or manager?

Management Related
Tell me about a leadership position you have held?
What was the most rewarding part of this position?
What was the most challenging aspect?

Alumni Only Related:
What are your top 3 roles?
Do you have event planning experience ( #2 and #3 are very event planning heavy)
Tell me a quality that helped you excel in your previous event planning experience?
Did you have to overcome any obstacles in your event planning experience?
Why do you want to do Guest Relations?
What do you think the role of GR is?

Then some basic questions about the Disney Look, Where I did my CP etc. She asked if I had anything else to add and if I had any questions. I asked her how she got her start at the company and we chatted about that for a bit.

Overall I think the interview went very well. I think she was very thorough in her questions and gave me some positive feedback. She said the latest I would hear back is April 26th so now the waiting game begins!

On another note I have applied for the CP today as a backup. The process has changed a little bit but I am scheduled to interview on Monday!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I scheduled my phone interview!

Yesterday I recieved an email inviting me to schedule a phone interview for my Alumni Only Positions! I have it scheduled for this Friday at 5:15 PM.  I picked this time because I'm done with class at 2:30 and hopefully that will give me enough time to unwind and relax a little before the interview. (Yeah right haha)

I'm still confused because other people are saying the interview is for all the PI's you applied for, but others are saying it is only for the Alumni Positions. I have not applied yet for the regular PI's I want because I am waiting on some letters of recommendation, so should I tell the interviewer this? I guess I will ask at the beginning of the interview which positions this will be used for.

Ahh, I'm so excited and nervous at the same time!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Narrowing Down my Choices

Professional Internships have been posted for almost a week now. And I still have not applied for any positions! I have been spending the past week looking over all the positions and narrowing down which ones I am interested in. I have also been working on my resume, asking for letters of recomendation and working on finishing my portfolio. Some of the positions ask for a cover letter so I will be working on those as well.  I've given a lot of thought to including cover letters and letters of recomendation when they are not being asked for, and I have decided that if they don't want to read it they don't need to look at it, and hopefully it will show that I am very interested in the position by the extra effort.

I have finally narrowed down the list of which I am going to apply for. Most of them are Graphic Design or Event Planning based as I have significant experience in both. I am also applying for a Lodging MI and have interest in several Alumni Only PI's

Here is my complete list of what I plan to apply for:

Alumni Only:
Guest Relations
Park Event Operations Assistant
Cast Activities, Events and Recognition.
(Maybe Guest Correspondence or EPCOT Project Support)

Regular PIs:
Catering and Convention Services
Disney Fairytale Weddings
Recruitment Marketing Graphic Design Internship
Distribution Marketing Services Graphic Design Internship
Disney Institute Graphic Design Internship
Graphic Design - Communications Internship
Communications Internship
Yellow Shoes Associate Art Director/Graphic Design Internship
(Maybe - Yellow Shoes Associate Copywriter Internship)

Management Internship - Lodging

I feel that I am qualified for all of these positions and it would be amazing to recieve an offer for one of these positions. I am taking my time with my applications so I feel comfortable and that I have given each my best shot.