Saturday, April 27, 2013

Professional Intern Housing

Finding roommates and apartments can be tough.  It is even tougher when you currently live thousands of miles away. Everything looks really nice on the websites so it's hard to judge by that.

I did a lot of research ahead of time, just in case I would be offered a PI. Disney does have housing for PIs (But not for Management Interns). It is located at Falcon Square which is behind the Magic Kingdom. Here is the Pros and Cons list I made when deciding not to live there and look for it on my own.

Easy, no need to search for an apartment
Completely furnished, even kitchen items
All utilites included in rent
Great if you are only planning to stay for the 6 months

$139 a week and you need to share a room
Farther commute to areas other than Magic Kingdom

So for me personally I decided that the Cons outweighed the Pros. First I'm a little old to be sharing a room with someone, especially for  nearly $560 per month. You can find significantly cheaper housing and have your own room. Now the downside to this is that there are not many places who offer a 6 month lease. But because I have graduated and want to make a career at Disney this is not a concern to me. Furniture is an issue for me, but I am currently working on that situation,

I should mention that Falcon Square is not like CP housing, anyone can rent apartments at the complex. In case you are wondering you can sign up for housing with a $100 deposit. You can choose to back out if you find somewhere else but you will lose that deposit.

Finding roommates was a little more tricky than I anticipated. Lots of people on the Facebook page would post and say they were looking, but when I would message them they would tell me they already had someone, or they were out of my price range. Sometimes people would message me, but they would be out of my price range.

Finally I found my roommates, two girls who are also doing Guest Relations! After doing some more research we have finally found our apartment and been approved! We will be living at Alexandria Parc Vue which is located near the Magic Kingdom area.

I'm glad to get housing all situated. Now if Disney would please tell me where I will be working GR!!! I'm dying to know!


  1. Loving the frequent posts. So Disney has a find a roommate FaceBook page?

    1. Sort of. Similar to how there will be a College Program group for each season. Someone has created a "Disney Professional Internships Fall 2013" group. I used this group throughout the process to get my questions answered and find out where others were in the application process. I utilized this group and an Accepted group that branched off to look for roommates.

      There is already a group for those who are interested in applying for Spring 2014. Even if you aren't planning on applying until later it can still be good to research about the positions and the process.

  2. Do you have a list of other apartment complexes near Magic Kingdom and/or WDW in general?