Thursday, October 24, 2013

Professional Internships Process: What does getting a drop down mean?

It's getting closer to the deadline for Professional Internships and a lot of people on the Facebook group are getting "drop downs" for specific roles on their Dashboard!

What is a drop down?
Well if you applied for internships with multiple roles, such as Alumni Only, they are all lumped together on the dashboard as something like "Professional Internships: Alumni Only"

As the process continues some people will get a new drop down for a specific role. Mine says "Guest Relations Internship" but of course other roles can pop up here based on what you applied for. You may even get more than one!

But What does it all mean?!
If you receive a drop down for a specific role it is a pretty good indicator that you are being seriously considered for that role. Likely it means that the department has already pulled your resume and a leader is looking at it right now!

Does this mean I will get an offer?
Perhaps. It is very unlikely you would get an offer without getting the drop down. (particularly if others have gotten one for that role) Remember that not all departments will use the Dashboard the same, so your role may not get drop downs. However some people will get a drop down but then will not receive an offer.

What if I didn't get one?
If you have seen others getting a drop down for a role you want, it may mean you haven't made it to the next round. There is a chance they could pull more resumes and you could recieve one, but remain realistic.

If you haven't seen anyone else getting a drop down for the role you want it could be that department does not use the Dashboard for this function, or the people who did get a drop down aren't on Facebook.

What happens next?
More waiting! But seriously, some departments will have second interviews at this stage. Others will only use your screening interview. Think of getting a drop down as passing onto the next level. You may get a background check email asking you to fill out the DWWS form, again that would indicate you are being seriously considered. Then finally (hopefully) an offer!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Future Plans

There is only 11 weeks remaining of my Professional Internship! I cannot believe the time has gone so fast. I have loved every minute of it so far. One thing that I really like is because Guest Relations is changing so much at this time, there is something new to learn everyday. I truly enjoy learning and this role has really challenged me to keep learning and asking questions each and every day!

I had applied for Management Internships in Theme Park Operations and Lodging. I had an initial interview but did not receive the second panel interview. Having seen the process unfold in previous cycles I knew this meant I was pretty much out of the running for an MI. I was sad, being in leadership at Disney is something I really want to achieve and I felt I would have been an excellent addition to the team. But there was no point in feeling sorry for myself. I have already had amazing opportunities that others have not, and there are still ways to achieve my goals. On a side note, several of my fellow interns did get that second interview!

After speaking with my leaders I had a lot to think about. If you are in a similar situation as me maybe my thought process can help you out as well. First you need to decide where your passion is. Do you love this company? Do you want to have a career with this company? Or would you be okay with working for another company? For me, Disney is where I want to be, and there aren't many opportunities for me if I return home.

Next you need to figure out what your passion is. I really wanted to get an MI in Lodging because I love working with guests at the resorts. Some feel that the parks is where all the "Magic" happens, but there is a different kind of magic that happens at the resorts! There are other ways to get into leadership at Disney, management internships is only one way.

I have decided it would probably be in my best interest to seek a full time position in Lodging after my internship ends. My leaders suggested this, explaining that although my Guest Relations experience is valuable, I would benefit from being closer to the operation, and having the support of lodging leaders when applying for the LCC (Leadership Casting Call).

Additionally, I should be able to remain in the "pool" for Guest Relations and be able to be pulled for TAs (Temporary Assignments) The benefit to having a full time role is that when your TA ends you have a "home" to go back to.

In order to apply for full time positions I need to visit Casting 6 weeks before my internship ends. But until then I am enjoying all the time I have left in GR.