Monday, August 9, 2010

Behind the Scenes Tour of Test Track

So Sometimes you can sign up to take Behind the scenes tours of attractions. This time it was set up as a group outing for my work location. We went to Test track to see all the behind the scenes stuff. They showed us each of the positions they worked and we got to go into the tower where all the controls are. In the Tower they have a video camera on each part of the ride. Then they took us out on the track to the part where you go through the tunnel and the Truck blares its horn. It was fun to watch people's reactions as they went by.

While we were there the ride went down, and they had to evacuate people off of it. They explained how the ride works too. The entire ride is electrical, so if something doesn't circuit right or if a piece of the track somehow gets electronically disconnect the ride will stop. The stop is not a gradual one either. If there is a power failure it will be an immediate stop, whether you are going 5 mph or are outside going 60!

They also took us up to the GM employee lounge. Once upon a time this was used for GM Employees, they could come up to the lounge with their families and get some free soda and enjoy the view. But because of budget reasons it is only used as convention/conference space.

This is the view of Spaceship Earth from inside the lounge. Think of the building for Test Track, you know the big shiny glass part on top? Thats where the lounge is.


This is a view of the ride from inside the lounge. Believe it or not you are looking at 90% of the ride here.


And this was inside the elevator to go up to the lounge. Take a look at the buttons.