Thursday, July 7, 2011


Lets talk about being deployed. Being deployed means you are scheduled to work in a location other than your normal location. There are 2 reasons why you could be deployed.

1. The location you are being deployed to is short on people. This most often occurs during special events like Star Wars Weekends, Food and Wine and Flower and Garden.

2. Your location does not have hours to give you because they are over staffed. For College Program we are guaranteed to be scheduled 30 hours minimum, so if your location cannot give you those 30 hours you are deployed somewhere else.

Last week I was deployed to Tren-D a SMALL clothing store at Downtown Disney. I was deployed for the second reason, which is worse in my opinion because that location didn't really need me either.

I did not like being Deployed, one reason was since they didn't need me I kept getting assigned tasks like "Stock and organize shoes" or "Restock register supplies". I did this almost for every shift. Only once during the week did I get to be on register, so I was really bored. Also I didn't know where anything was in the store so I was always confused!

I did get to wear a sort of cute costume though, and here it is

I was very happy to be back at Mouse Gear this week though, and I hope I don't have to be deployed again!

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