Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So I guess I will explain a little bit about Costuming here. So if you are in the college program, you are allowed to "check out" 5 sets of costumes. Some people might have more than one that they need to wear, like my roommate Amy has 2 different ones depending on which location she is assigned to. You also can get rain gear, which is very important, a heavy jacket and a lighter jacket/sweater.

How it works is you go to your costuming location, depending on where you work, and find the pieces that you need. It is basically a big warehouse with all the costumes for that location. The sizes are VERY different, so you should expect to get a costume at least 2 sizes bigger than street clothes. After you try on like 4 different sizes and find out which is right, you go and find a few of each in that size. It's just like a store, so you don't take the one that doesn't zipper or has a missing button.

Now there are two different ways that the costumes are checked out, because they are updating to a new system. With the old way the costume person scans your ID and then scans a barcode on each item. Even things like belts and hats have a barcode. With the new system the costume person scans your ID and there is a sensor bar attached to each item, you just need to place it on the counter and the sensor picks up each item. It is a lot quicker.

So after you wear it a few times you can either wash it yourself, or return it to costuming and they will wash it. When you return it you need to scan in each item you are returning, or with the new system the return chute just picks up the sensor and checks it in.

You can also order another name tag at costuming if you lose yours, or maybe you want an extra to keep on your jacket, so you don't need to switch it all the time.

The important thing to remember is to label your sweater/jacket. Everyone has the same costume at your location and they can become mixed up very easily. I just put a little piece of tape on my sweater with my name on it.

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