Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New informational posts coming soon

I'm going to be posting some informational posts so I can link them on the sidebar under "Informational Posts" Hopefully these posts will be of some help to those researching the Disney College Program or Disney Professional Internships.  Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Professional Intern Housing

Finding roommates and apartments can be tough.  It is even tougher when you currently live thousands of miles away. Everything looks really nice on the websites so it's hard to judge by that.

I did a lot of research ahead of time, just in case I would be offered a PI. Disney does have housing for PIs (But not for Management Interns). It is located at Falcon Square which is behind the Magic Kingdom. Here is the Pros and Cons list I made when deciding not to live there and look for it on my own.

Easy, no need to search for an apartment
Completely furnished, even kitchen items
All utilites included in rent
Great if you are only planning to stay for the 6 months

$139 a week and you need to share a room
Farther commute to areas other than Magic Kingdom

So for me personally I decided that the Cons outweighed the Pros. First I'm a little old to be sharing a room with someone, especially for  nearly $560 per month. You can find significantly cheaper housing and have your own room. Now the downside to this is that there are not many places who offer a 6 month lease. But because I have graduated and want to make a career at Disney this is not a concern to me. Furniture is an issue for me, but I am currently working on that situation,

I should mention that Falcon Square is not like CP housing, anyone can rent apartments at the complex. In case you are wondering you can sign up for housing with a $100 deposit. You can choose to back out if you find somewhere else but you will lose that deposit.

Finding roommates was a little more tricky than I anticipated. Lots of people on the Facebook page would post and say they were looking, but when I would message them they would tell me they already had someone, or they were out of my price range. Sometimes people would message me, but they would be out of my price range.

Finally I found my roommates, two girls who are also doing Guest Relations! After doing some more research we have finally found our apartment and been approved! We will be living at Alexandria Parc Vue which is located near the Magic Kingdom area.

I'm glad to get housing all situated. Now if Disney would please tell me where I will be working GR!!! I'm dying to know!

Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Official!

I got my phone call this morning offering me Guest Relations!!!

It was around 9:15 am and I was awake but repeatedly hitting the snooze button on my alarm. My phone started ringing and it said it was a Blocked number. I started thinking 'Who would be calling me this early!" I sort of thought it was my mail order pharmacy, because they always call from a blocked number at weird times, so I answered it and said "Hello?" still sort of asleep.

The person on the phone was very awake and peppy! It was Katherine from Casting and she had some questions for me about my application! I woke up very quickly because I knew that I was about to get an offer!!  She asked about when I did my previous College Program, if I had a vehicle and if I was receptive to the Disney Look. Then she offered me my DREAM ROLE. Guest Relations!

Then we went over some housekeeping stuff like what to do next, how housing worked, getting my College Program fees refunded etc. I asked how many GR spots their were this semester and she didn't know. Then I asked if she would be making more calls today and she said yes! She wanted to know if I had other friends who were applying and I said my friend Nick (Check out his blog here ) was also waiting. She didn't let on that she was going to call him too! When she called him she said that she had planned to call him later in the day but since I mentioned his name she thought she would call him next!!

My start date is June 19th, so now I am on the hunt for roommates!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Post Interview Stage and Background Check!

So at about 11am this morning others on the Facebook group were posting that they were moving to "Post Interview Stage" for Guest Relations. I patiently waited for my dashboard to update to the same.

Then at about 12:30 I got a text message from a friend asking if I had gotten an email about my PI as a mutual friend of ours had gotten one! I checked my email and sure enough there was the email asking for me to fill out a form for a background check!

I literally screamed! I work at our campus newspaper so I was in the office and scared the other girls around me!  Then I checked my Dash and saw that I had moved to Post Interview Stage as well!!

The Background check information was really simple, just asked for my basic info, when I applied, asked if I would consent to a background check and if I had any criminal charges in my background.

In the past getting one of these is very promising for getting an offer, so hopefully I will be hearing some good news soon!


Today a few people have posted on facebook that their drop down for Guest Relations has changed to "Post Interview Stage" I quickly checked mine, and I am still In Progress.

I don't know if this is a good or bad sign for me. I am trying to remain positive as only a few people have mentioned that their status has changed. Perhaps they are just moving through and changing people and haven't gotten to most of them yet.

Okay, inside I am totally freaking out! I am going to try not to check my dashboard constantly today! It's just I really feel that Guest Relations is the right role for me!