Friday, January 28, 2011

New Beginnings!

My College Program has been long over, and I have returned to school. I miss so much about working for Disney. I think the best part of working there was making the magic for the guests. Lot's of people have asked me about the program and every time I find myself talking about giving out "first visit" buttons or making "pop buckets" for guests.

I'd like to do the Fall Program but I would need to wait until after I graduate, because I can't fit it in again with my major. So this I have applied to the Summer Alumni Program for this Summer!!

I had my phone interview last Sunday. You have to go through all the steps for Summer Alumni as the regular program. I viewed the E-Presentation and did the web interview. During the phone interview the interviewer was like "Oh you are a former Cast Member?" and then she asked what I liked about the program and why I wanted to come back.

There are only certain roles available for the alumni program. Merchandise, Attractions, Custodial, Housekeeping and Quick Service Food and Beverage. I only applied for Merchandise and Attractions. I should know within 3 to 4 weeks if I have been offered a spot. Until then, fingers crossed!


  1. so ive been reading ur blog ...and im a newbie here [ i judt did my phone interview and they said 4 to 6 weeks... but lets say i do get in [hopefully] i got some qs:
    1. I'm from Puerto Rico.. does that mean i have to pay my own tickets to get and return there?
    2. So I get to pick where would I live? if so, how should I know which one is better? [ive heard Vista is the cheaper but very loud..what about the others...and by cheap its like 10 or 20 dollars less?
    3. what is the process of picking a roomie?
    4.whats better live in a 2 or 4 bedroom apartment? (when i think 8 ppl in the same apartment is like whoaaa,but i also want 1st or 2nd floor... what diff the roomies number make in financial interests)

    sorry to bother with so much ..but it is eatin me up !

  2. Thanks for reading!
    1. Yes you have to pay for your own tickets to get there and get home.

    2. Vista Way is the cheapest and the oldest, next is Chatham Square and finally Patterson Court. You get to pick to some extent. On my arrival day they only offered me Vista or Chatham. The price difference between them are by $5 or less, not really a big deal.

    3. You can do one of two things. Either try to meet someone online who is arriving on the same day as you, and show up to check in at the same time and say you want to be roommates (they have to be the same sex and you both need to be over 21 to not live in a wellness apartment. I didn't find a roommate ahead of time, so they just stick you with whoever is coming in at the same time as you. My roommates were right ahead of me in line.

    4.I lived in a 4 bedroom apartment. The upside is you get more space and because there are 8 people you are almost never all home at the same time. The downside is 8 people is a lot of people to try to get along with. The extra money which is only about $5 dollars (I'm not sure but its not a huge difference)I think would be worth it to have less roommates.

  3. thanx !!!youve been really helpful! ok so between chatnam and patterson, which 1 do you like better? does one of em lack something than the other?

    -ok i rather live in a 2 bedroom or 3 cuz 8 people .1 fridge....i can see it coming lol

  4. Patterson is newer, and they have a nicer gym if you are into that sort of thing, Chatham has a gym too but it is pretty small. The other thing is the two complexes share a bus stop so if you live at patterson you need to walk over to chatham to catch the bus