Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Extending my Internship

I have been offered to extend my current internship in Guest Relations! I will be moving to Downtown Disney in January and staying there until June! I am very excited to start my new experience at DTD but also very sad to leave my Animal Kingdom family!

It was with careful consideration that I chose to accept this opportunity. As you recall I had planned to apply for a full time position and was hoping for a role in lodging. However at this time it makes more sense for me financially to extend my internship.

Downtown Disney is an area with a lot of shops and restaurants, an AMC movie theater, Splitsville (a bowling alley) and home to Cirque Du Soleil. Downtown Disney is going under an extensive remodel and will be transitioning into Disney Springs in the future.

This location will allow me to work the Marketplace Lobby, the Window location on the West Side as well as GRAPE (Guest Relations at Park Entry) for the Waterparks and the ESPN Sports Complex.

This location will also allow me to gain extensive knowledge on ticketing. As many people choose to take care of their ticketing issue at DTD because there is no admission cost to visit there. I am very excited to start this new adventure and I have heard great things about this location from other Cast Members.


  1. that is awesome! very happy for you! thanks for the update!

  2. Oh how interesting. Will be fun to learn about this Disney Spring transition. Congrats on the new location.

  3. Checking to see how you are liking Downtown Disney? Christmas decorations are always so nice. And of course hoping for more "stories"

  4. Hey! I know you wrote this forever ago but I will be starting GR at Disney Springs in January as an intern and I was wondering if you had any advice for me? Also if you wouldn't mind giving me some insight as to what you did most days (were you usually at DTD or were you usually at ESPN or the water parks?). Any help is much appreciated!

    1. Hi Siobhan, I enjoyed my time at DTD, and this is a really exciting time to be at Disney Springs with all the new changes. I think where you are depends on the season. In January/Feb one of the waterparks will be closed so there will be less shifts for that location. Also sometimes they close for weather being too cold. I spent more shifts at DTD than I did at ESPN or waterparks. I think I worked at ESPN less than 10 times, but worked at waterparks more often. I do not know what it is like now because it has been over a year since I was a part of that team. I will say to try to pick up shifts at the parks to gain some alternate experience. You will have window training so you will have some more opportunities than some of the other GR interns. Good luck and I hope you love it!