Saturday, January 23, 2010

What is the Disney College Program

If you are reading this blog you probably already know what the Disney College Program is, but I'll give a brief explanation for anyone who doesn't.

The Disney College Program is an internship for college students held at Disneyland in CA and Walt Disney World in FL. Students can work in several different roles such as Merchandise, Attractions, Hospitality, Recreation, Transportation, Food Service, and many more. Students live at housing complexes owned by Disney. There are different program seasons, during the Fall and Spring semesters. For more information click HERE

So you are probably thinking "Wow that sounds great! How can I sign up?" Well first you need to watch a presentation on the program, either online or at your university. After the presentation you receive an access code to submit your application. You must then complete a web based interview which asks questions like "How often do you get angry" or "How important is teamwork"

If you pass the web based interview, you will be prompted to call to set up a phone interview. During the phone interview the interviewer will ask you questions based on what roles you chose on your application. For example if you put down attractions they might ask you a question like "What would you tell a guest if they were not tall enough to ride the attraction you were working at?" or if you chose Merchandise they might ask "Suppose a guest is looking for a specific item that you do not sell at that location, how could you help them?"

After a few weeks you will either recieve an email offering you a role, and a acceptance letter in the mail. If you are not accepted you can always try again for the next semester.

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  1. Hi, Kate!
    My name is Rei. I go to a college in Missouri.
    I love disney like you, and in my case, I have been to Tokyo Disney land for many times since I'm Japanese.

    I read your blog and it really interested me!
    After I read it, it interested me to try Disney internship again!! I tried web-based interview last time, but unfortunately I could not pass it. I was gonna give up trying, but after I read some articles and blogs including yours, I started thinking applying for Disney internship again.
    Do you think there is any good way to answer the web-based quetions?