Saturday, January 23, 2010

Packing- What should I bring?...Everything!

I am doing the CP from Feb 1st to Aug 13th, so I have a lot of stuff I need to pack. I am leaving tommorrow, Sunday the 24th because my boyfriend, BJ, and I are going on vacation for the week before I need to check in, then at the end of the week he will fly home.

We will be driving to Virginia and putting my car on the Autotrain, that way I don't need to drive it all the way to FL, on Monday morning we will arrive in FL and head over to our hotel, Pop Century. This is BJ's second trip to Disney, he is more of a Universal Fan, but I am trying to convert him. =) He suggested it, because we will not be seeing each other for a very long time after this because he has joined the Air Force and will be at Basic Training and Tech School for my entire CP!

So onto packing, I had to move out of my dorm at school because I was not returning for the spring semester, then I needed to unpack and repack what I needed. I'm not sure if everything will fit in my car, but I am bringing, my TV, bedding and pillows, a large Rubbermaid container, a large dufflebag filled with clothes, a cardboard box filled with more clothes, a 3-drawer organizer, and some assorted bags filled with things. PLUS my suitcase and BJ's suitcase for our vacation! I hope there is room for BJ to fit in there with all that stuff!!!

I always overpack, I know I can always go out and buy stuff if I forget something, but I'd rather not waste the money if I already have it at home. I will post pictures of my car stuffed to the brim later.

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