Thursday, May 19, 2011

Arrival Day, Casting, Traditions

So now that I finally have internet access I can update. Arrival day went really smoothley on Monday. I met up with Christine, Katelyn and Kristyn at Waffle House at 7:30am to eat breakfast. I didn't want to really eat that much because I was nervous and didn't want to feel sick. I really wish I had eaten more though because later on I was starving.

So we checked in and got in line together since we wanted to live together. I took everyone's program guides and waited in line to see about our apartment while they waited off to the side. So I told the lady we wanted a 2 bedroom at Vista, and she said she didn't have any!! I asked her if there were any 2 bedrooms at the other complexes and she said she was looking. Then she said there was a 2 bedroom at Vista but it was a Non-Wellness (Meaning you can drink Alcohol in the apartment.) We needed Wellness because Kristyn is not 21 until June. She said she could switch it for me! So we got our 2 bedroom! The Apartment is really nice, I will post pictures of it later once we get everything put away.

Then we went to casting to fill out paperwork, be fingerprinted for the background check, get our payroll card and go over the Disney Look. I was sort of nervous that my hair would not be Disney Look. I have highlights but they lighter than they should be. I figured at Casting they would really scrutinize you more than at your location so I pulled my hair back and hoped they wouldn't notice. I was also worried that my fingernails were too long, but when we went in they barely even looked at us, and didn't ask to look at our nails. I guess they figured since we are alumni that we already know the drill.

On Tuesday we didn't have anything to do Katelyn and Kristyn and I went shopping at Target and Walmart. The car had so much stuff in it there was barely any room for Katelyn in the back seat. We ended up going back again because of all the stuff we forgot.

Yesterday, Christine and I were supposed to go to Traditions. Katelyn and Kristyn are Campus Reps and still actively employed by the company so they didn't need to go, so they got to go pick up their ID's and go play in the parks. So about an hour before we are going to leave Casting calls Christine and says that her background check didn't come back yet. She doesn't have anything against her but it is just taking forever. I heard that it happened to a few other people too. So I went to Traditions alone, and it was pretty much the same as it has always been. We were all alumni except for one girl! The people teaching Traditions kept really playing everything up for her.

Later on in the night we decided to go out to Buffalo Wild Wings, while we were leaving the complex we met the guys who just moved in for Fall Advantage directly below us. They were going to Buffalo Wild Wings too, and on the bus ride we met some guys who were going there too. We even sang Spice Girls for Karaoke and finished off the night with some Steak n Shake.

Tomorrow is my first day of Training at Epcot, which I think is weird because I don't have the park orientation until Sat?

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