Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Earning My Ears!

So now that I have finished training and have my first week of work out of the way I figured it was time for an update.

For Training at Mouse Gear on Day 1 I got my costume, which isn't really that bad, that took a long time because the sizes on the clothes aren't the same as regualr clothing. But after trying on several sizes and lengths of pants I found some that sort of fit alright. Then the trainer showed me how to walk to our location and also explained how the Cast Bus works. At Epcot there are 2 buses, East and West. East goes to the front gate and the access to the tunnel, West goes all around the World Showcase. The tunnels at Epcot are not really like the ones at Magic Kingdom. It doesn't go all around the park it is pretty much a straight line under Future World. In the Tunnels is where my locker and breakroom is.

Mouse Gear is actually 3 floors. There is the tunnel level which is where most of our stock is kept and then the 2nd floor has a small stock room and the sales floor area. The 3rd floor is where the manager's office and the Money Room is. It is the 3rd largest store in WDW, and it can get pretty crazy in there.

The next training day was called "Discovery Day" and that was where we walked around the park and they showed us where things were. We also watched a video about how Walt's original plans for FL and Epcot were greatly different from how they are today. We did get to go on Spaceship Earth, and we rode on one of those boats around the World Showcase Lagoon and they talked about each of the pavilions.

The next training day I had to Re-take Merchantainment, which is Disney Speak for learning how to run the register. I was pretty bored since I had already done this class once and hadn't forgotten the information.

Day 3 of Training was where I actually got to use the register and do transactions. Pretty Easy. On Day 4 we learned how to do the Embroidery on the Mickey Ears hats. I actually liked doing it, and it was pretty easy. Then we took our assessment I got a 98 on the Hat Stitching and a 100 on the Merchandise test! The trainer said not very many people get 100 on it!

I had a day off and then I had to work 11 hour shifts on Friday Saturday and Sunday. Probably because it is Memorial Day weekend. I really don't like those really long shifts, since the store is pretty busy the day goes by fast, but by the end of the 3rd day I was really feeling run down. I'm scheduled mostly nights for the next two weeks with shifts ending at midnight or 2 am.


  1. Very interesting. Looking forward to more stories.

  2. I really love your blog!! I'm sure it's hard to find time to post, but thanks for doing it :)!