Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Official!

I got my phone call this morning offering me Guest Relations!!!

It was around 9:15 am and I was awake but repeatedly hitting the snooze button on my alarm. My phone started ringing and it said it was a Blocked number. I started thinking 'Who would be calling me this early!" I sort of thought it was my mail order pharmacy, because they always call from a blocked number at weird times, so I answered it and said "Hello?" still sort of asleep.

The person on the phone was very awake and peppy! It was Katherine from Casting and she had some questions for me about my application! I woke up very quickly because I knew that I was about to get an offer!!  She asked about when I did my previous College Program, if I had a vehicle and if I was receptive to the Disney Look. Then she offered me my DREAM ROLE. Guest Relations!

Then we went over some housekeeping stuff like what to do next, how housing worked, getting my College Program fees refunded etc. I asked how many GR spots their were this semester and she didn't know. Then I asked if she would be making more calls today and she said yes! She wanted to know if I had other friends who were applying and I said my friend Nick (Check out his blog here ) was also waiting. She didn't let on that she was going to call him too! When she called him she said that she had planned to call him later in the day but since I mentioned his name she thought she would call him next!!

My start date is June 19th, so now I am on the hunt for roommates!


  1. Congratulations. I am also excited for me too because I love reading your posts. WOuld love to ready daily reports but will be thrilled for weekly. hint hint :)

    1. Thank you! I will do my best to keep this blog updated!