Thursday, April 11, 2013

Post Interview Stage and Background Check!

So at about 11am this morning others on the Facebook group were posting that they were moving to "Post Interview Stage" for Guest Relations. I patiently waited for my dashboard to update to the same.

Then at about 12:30 I got a text message from a friend asking if I had gotten an email about my PI as a mutual friend of ours had gotten one! I checked my email and sure enough there was the email asking for me to fill out a form for a background check!

I literally screamed! I work at our campus newspaper so I was in the office and scared the other girls around me!  Then I checked my Dash and saw that I had moved to Post Interview Stage as well!!

The Background check information was really simple, just asked for my basic info, when I applied, asked if I would consent to a background check and if I had any criminal charges in my background.

In the past getting one of these is very promising for getting an offer, so hopefully I will be hearing some good news soon!


  1. I just got hired by The Disney Store and I had a glitch with my background check. In all,I start to work as a part time cast member in May 10,2013. When they asked you to do a background check, they DON'T waste money on people who they don't hirer... So, 95% of the time you will be hired!

    1. That's what I have heard before as well. But someone on the facebook group who actually got to work with their department when they went through applications told me that they send to their 1st and 2nd choices. That way if the 1st choice declines they can move to the 2nd right away. I don't know if it works this way with all of the internships but I didn't want to get my hopes up too much!!

    2. I just got hired by Disneyland. My dashboard status was " Post Offer" and now it has gone down to "Interview Stage" . What does this mean?

    3. Hey Jill, I've heard that this sometimes happens while they are updating your status on their computer systems. If you have already accepted an offer there is no reason to worry!

  2. Hey Kate, I was wondering if I should be freaking out right now... So i got a drop down for guest relations like two weeks ago and then on thursday I got the background email but my dashboard as yet to change to post-interview stage... two people got offers already and also they had another interview for guest relations... should I be freaking out??