Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DTD Training, Working, and Construction

I've finished my training at DTD. I did not have to do very much because I have spent the last 6 months at Animal Kingdom.

One thing I did need to do is become Window and GR@PE trained, as well as do property orientation at Typhoon lagoon.

Window training typically involves more complicated ticketing situations. I felt like I had a strong background in our ticketing system so I did not have much trouble with this training. In fact I'd say in the last two weeks at DTD I have become so much better at ticketing than I was before!

I am really enjoying DTD so far, I think the team and the leaders here are excellent! Everyone I have worked with is friendly and helpful and I feel that the leadership team is very cast focused and supportive. I also really enjoy the different positions at DTD. Because we rotate with Greeter positions and GRAPE at Disney Quest it really adds variety into the day. So each day I spend some time at the counter/window, then sometime out at our greeter positions assisting guests find shops/restaurants and answering questions. It makes the day go by quicker by not being in the same spot all the time.

Of course DTD is undergoing a huge overhaul as we transition to Disney Springs. There are big changes happening and almost everyday there is a new construction wall or signage for future expansions. This does make navigating DTD a little confusing for our guests, but that is why we have greeter positions at some of these new construction walls to help our guests get to their destinations!

Some exciting things that I know of that are coming to DTD is of course a PARKING GARAGE! Now this may not seem that exciting but if you have ever been to DTD on a Friday or Saturday night you know what a nightmare parking can be. And since with the expansion we will be almost doubling in size we will need more parking! And there will be not one, but two Starbucks! Slated to open in Spring of 2014 there will be one near World of Disney on the Marketplace side and one where Wetzel's Pretzels used to be on the West Side.

I myself am looking forward to the release of more information on new restaurants that will be joining the property. Most recently DTD added Food Trucks and House of Blues opened a quick service BBQ stand. I haven't tried out these yet, but I've been told they are very tasty!

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