Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pop Buckets!

So at Pop Century we sometimes give Pop Buckets to guests who need a little extra "Magic". Sometimes it is for a special occasion like once we made one for a couple who were getting married the next day. Sometimes guests come to check in and they have just had really bad luck, they lost their luggage, the car broke down, etc and their vacation just isn't getting off on the right foot.

So when you want to do a Pop Bucket for a guest you just need to ask a manager if you can get one. So yesterday I was checking in a guest who were part of magical gathering. She wanted to check in all 3 rooms even though the other 2 parties weren't there. She was sort of mad when I explained that I could not check in the other rooms, even though she had paid for them.

As we went through the check in process she asked about services for guests with disabilites. She explained that her mother, who was traveling with them is terminal with cancer. It was her last wish to come to Disney with her family. They had to rent an RV to bring her to WDW because she couldn't fly. I gave them some guide maps for guests with disabilites and explained how guest relations at the parks would be able to assist further. After they left I went in the back and asked if I could make Pop Buckets for the 3 rooms.

Here they are!

They have a bunch of different things you can put in them, whatever you want but it usually depends if the family has girls or boys. We have hot wheels, pez dispensers, ring pops, crayons, key chains, playing cards. I also added buttons to each that say "Honorary Citizen of Walt Disney World"

I also sent a character card, that was personally signed by Mickey and Minnie, to the grandmother, that said "Have a magical stay" The runner delivered them to the rooms, so the when the guests returned to the room, they had a surprise waiting for them.

It's really exciting when you get to do something like this, even though the guests will never know it was me who did this for them, it feels good to know I made their vacation a little more magical.


  1. Hey Kate! I started following your blog to see what the CP was all about and let me just say, this entry made me want to apply even for for Spring or Fall Advantage '11!

    It's so awesome that there is stuff like this that you can do for guests! I really hope it did make the stay even more magical, especially for the Grandmother!! :)

  2. CP is a great experience! I think everyone should do it! But working here is really cool because of all the little things you can do for guests. Even just giving out the first visit buttons are exciting because the guests get so excited themselves. I can just picture the little girl and her grandma coming back to the room to find what Mickey and Minnie had left for them!

  3. Wow! I just got a chance to read your blog for the first time, and it was so much fun to get a behind the magic look a WDW! It sounds like u are having a great time and I can't wait to read more. I loved the trip report too, it looks like u had a wonderful vacation. PS...I found your blog through a post from your Mom on Mousebuzz. Fun reading!!!!

  4. Ok, I think I'm going to live vicariously through you!! I'm loving your blog. Disney is our favorite place and POP is our kids favorite resort!! We arrive in two weeks, maybe I'll get to see you and say hi!

  5. hi Kate!

    just found your blog. love it! i want to do an internship one of these days.

    i love the buckets you did! am i understanding correctly that any guest can get these done? if so, i would LOVE to do one for my friend when we go later this year. if i can, i just need to figure out how to ask without her knowing.....would i be able to contact someone before we arrive to have it there in the room? oh and does it cost? sorry for all of the questions:) i just love this idea. i will keep reading your blog. thanks for the help!

  6. Hi Kate
    Ur living my life. Ur blog gives a very different insight into the CP program.

    Are these POP buckets random or can they be preordered. Taking my mom and dad to Disney for the first time. They come from India this weekend and then to Orlando for the memorial day weekend. Would love to have them have a bucket like this welcoming them to Disney.