Sunday, April 4, 2010


So last week was our housing inspection. We've already had one and passed and none of my roommates didn't seem to care as much this time around. The other problem was it was spring break time and everyone was working 60+ hours. Now we needed to vacuum like everywhere, but you need to rent the vacuum from the front desk. This is the stupidest thing ever! The front desk is only open from 9-5. Almost everyone works during this time. Plus you need to pay $1 to rent it. So it's sunday night and I get back from work at 2:30pm and decide to rent the vacuum. I was the only one home so I vacuumed everywhere. Cleaned up the kitchen, ran the dishwasher, I emptied the garbages but ended up putting all the bags next to the front door because it was pouring. So the apt. was clean but it was getting close to 5 so I had to return the vacuum since they kept my housing ID. It was pouring still! I waited for as long as I could before deciding to put the vacuum in my car and drive to the front desk.

So Monday I come home from work and the inspection form is on the table. Everything is checked as passed, and on the very bottom is a note written "Please Vacuum Carpets". I was so mad, its like they were giving us anything wrong so we couldn't get the white glove award! Plus there is all this paint and stains on the carpet from when before we moved in. =( I guess we will never win the white glove award. But they did leave us some cookies for passing the inspection.


  1. Oh man, that would have driven me nuts!!
    I'll be there in the fall.I'll probably be insane when it comes to inspections because I am a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to cleaning.

  2. I was really mad! I was like "What!"