Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Application season is among us!

Hello everyone!

Although it feels like I JUST STARTED my Guest Relations PI, it is already time to apply for the next season of internships! Applications have gone out for Professional Internships, Animal Programs, and Mangement Internships, and very soon for Spring/Spring Advantage College Programs. I have several posts that can help you with applying, interviewing, and then waiting to hear back!

Please check out my "Informational Posts" on the Right hand side of the blog for information about the process!

I myself am planning on applying for Management Internships in Lodging and Theme Park Operations. I have not decided if I will apply for others yet. Although I have been through this process before I still am nervous and anxious about the outcome. Good luck to everyone who applies!


  1. I just applied for the DCP and got the web based interview, then the phone interview. It's scheduled for Wednesday night, wish me luck!

  2. Good Luck! I'm applying for MI's this time around!

  3. Hi! I also am applying for the DCP! I go to PSU right now and I had my phone interview this morning. I'm not sure if you remember the buildings, but I locked myself in a room in Hammond before my interview to make sure no one came in or distracted me lol.