Thursday, August 22, 2013

Writing a Disney Resume

Now I am no expert, but with the next round of PI and MI applications quickly approaching I thought I would share some insight on preparing your resume. Having a solid resume is really the first step in getting an offer!

The most important thing to remember is that Disney uses a computer to weed out potential candidates. So you could get eliminated before a real person ever looks at your resume! To avoid this you should tailor your resume to each individual position you apply for. If you are applying for Alumni Only make sure it has relevant information to the jobs you are selecting. You will have the chance to upload a different resume for each position. Make sure your experience is relevant (This is something I particularly struggle with, because I spent most of my time in college doing everything I possibly could and feel that all those experiences have given me skills and knowledge)

The best way to do this is to look at the job description and qualifications. If it says "Proficient in Adobe Photoshop", make sure you use that same language instead of  "Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite". Try to outline all the qualifications and make sure they are included in your resume.

 Also if you have former Disney experience make sure you are using proper names of roles, locations and attractions.  So use Attractions Host/Hostess instead of "Ride Operator" and use Disney Words like "Guest Service" instead of "Customer Service."

It is always best for you to have multiple people look over your resume. If you are currently on a College Program, I know they offer resume classes, and you can always ask your leaders to help you out as well. If you are at school visit your career services center or ask professors for input.

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