Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Management Internships

This season I have decided to apply for Management Internships as my #1 goal. I have chosen to apply for Lodging and Theme Park Operations. There are several segments within each of these roles so I'll give you a little more detail.

Lodging consists of: Front Office (front desk, concierge, bell services), Housekeeping and Resort Custodial. My first choice here is Front Office, as my background is in front desk, as well as this role has a lot more guest interaction, something I am very used to from my previous roles. I am not discounting Housekeeping or Custodial however and feel that I could shine in those roles as well.

Theme Park Operations consists of Attractions, Transportation, Custodial, Main Entrance (Park greeters, parking, auto plaza, and sometimes Guest Relations). My only TPO experience is in Guest relations, however I think I could enjoy and excel at any of the positions if given the chance and would be a great opportunity to learn about a new line of business. 

Of course the first step is applying and getting your resume through the scanner. I had multiple people look over my resume before I submitted my applications. So far I am "In Progress" for TPO and "In Submission" for Lodging.

Also today I got an email from a recruiter basically saying "based on your major here are some internships you might be interested in" They are all advertising related ones. I applied for most of them last round, not sure if I want to apply again this round or not.  I also have the option to extend in GR but will need to apply again via the Alumni Only posting. I am not sure yet if I am going to apply to extend or not. Wish me luck!

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