Monday, September 16, 2013

Managment Internship Interview

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday I completed my interview for an MI! This round I have applied for Lodging and Theme Park Operations. And I am In Progress for both! I was invited to do the initial phone interview for Lodging but was told by the recruiter that it potentially could be used by Theme Park Ops as well.

I was pretty nervous to begin with but my phone was giving me a hard time! Because I am cheap I have put off buying a new iPhone even though I was elligible for an upgrade for the past 2 years. I sort of figured why pay money for something newer when what I have works just fine. Except now I'm at the point where it doesn't always work just fine! I have this problem while I'm talking that the mic stops working and the other person can't hear me! Not exactly ideal for the phone interview! I scoured around for friends who I could borrow their phone but after no luck I realized that I never had the problem when the phone was connected to the hands free calling in my car (since the mic being used was the one in car) So I decided to do my interview there! (Parked of course)

My interview was scheduled for 8pm but was a few minutes late, I've done enough phone interviews feel that this was actually a good sign and that my interviewer probably was very thorough. My interviewer was Nancy and she was fantastic! She kept right up with typing all the things I was saying, I even apologized for talking so much and she said not to worry that her fingers were nice and warmed up from previous interviews.

This interview was a little bit different then the Alumni Only interview I took last year. There were less questions but I felt the questions asked were more detailed ones.

I was asked:
What do you hope to gain from an MI?
What qualties do you think a leader has
Tell me about a difficult situation with a guest, co worker or manager
Tell me about a leadership position you have held
Tell me about skills you have learned from these position that will help you in this role
How do you manage interuptions to ensure everything gets done
Did I have more of an interest in Front Office or Housekeeping
If I had anything else to share
Disney look questions

The interview was 26 minutes long and I felt went pretty well, but you can never really tell. Only time will tell if I get a second interview!

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