Tuesday, March 19, 2013


So I just went NLIC for two more graphic design internships. Yellow Shoes Art Director and Distribution Marketing Graphic Design. I'm kind of upset at these, although at least I know they looked at my samples before saying no thanks.

I'm at this weird point where my career could go off into to separate paths. I've wanted to work for Yellow Shoes doing graphic design for quite some time, but I also feel that to get a career in graphic design I would really need to go to portfolio school.  A graphic design internship would really set me on the path to doing that.

On the other hand I really love guest service! And it is also a dream of mine to do Guest Relations and get into lodging management at one of the resorts. An internship in GR might set me up on the path to do that.

And then there is the unknown...I'm still in the running for several event planning internships, something else I know I would be good at and enjoy.

Perhaps I should have majored in something that got you a job with a specific title. Like Accounting or Education. I feel like there are so many different ways this could turn out!!

Here is the list of what I applied for and my current standing:

Alumni Only: - In Progress
Guest Relations
Park Event Operations Assistant
Cast Activities, Events and Recognition.
Guest Correspondence
EPCOT Project Support

Regular PIs:
Catering and Convention Services NLIC
Disney Fairytale Weddings - In Progress
Recruitment Marketing Graphic Design Internship NLIC
Distribution Marketing Services Graphic Design Internship- NLIC
Disney Institute Graphic Design Internship- In Progress
Graphic Design - Communications Internship - Submission Stage
Yellow Shoes Associate Art Director/Graphic Design Internship- NLIC
Yellow Shoes Associate Copywriter Internship - NLIC

Management Internship - Lodging NLIC

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  1. So glad you are posting again. I personally am hoping for the Weddings as it will be very interesting to learn what goes on in that area.