Friday, March 1, 2013

Accepted to the CP

After 18 days of waiting, panicking, stressing I have finally been accepted to the College Program!

I am currently home from break, so I was sitting with my Mom watching TV and I checked my email and saw Congratualations! I immediately started screaming that I got in and my mom started screaming 'What role?? What role?" We couldn't figure out how to open the link at first but then I saw this:

I got CONCIERGE!!!! This was my 1st choice so I am beyond happy! My mom and sister and I started screaming some more and jumping up and down.

I was feeling very uneasy about my CP interview and did not think I was going to be accepted. Plus it had been 18 days and I had heard nothing. I was getting worried because others who interviewed after me were hearing back and I wasn't!

I am still looking to hear from my PIs. My 1st choice for PIs is Guest Relations. If I do not get one of these internships I will be doing Concierge, and hopefully that will set me up to get into Guest Relations next season.

Regardless I now offically have plans for after graduation!!! I'm going to Disney World!!!


  1. Congratulations!!! What fabulous news!

  2. Congrats! I'm doing Concierge for Fall also!

  3. really quick question.. when you got accepted to disney college program and was still waiting to see if you got the PI, did you accept your offer for disney college program? I am applying for both and wanna to know how it works if i can get accepted to both?

    1. Accept your offer for the CP if you get it. Then if you get an offer for a PI they will allow you to switch to your PI and get your deposit/fee back.