Friday, March 8, 2013


So today was the last day for people to apply to Professional Internships which means hopefully I will hear something soon!

Here is the list of what I applied for and my current standing:

Alumni Only: - In Progress
Guest Relations
Park Event Operations Assistant
Cast Activities, Events and Recognition.
(Maybe Guest Correspondence or EPCOT Project Support)

Regular PIs:
Catering and Convention Services NLIC

Disney Fairytale Weddings - In Progress
Recruitment Marketing Graphic Design Internship NLIC

Distribution Marketing Services Graphic Design Internship- In Progress
Disney Institute Graphic Design Internship- In Progress
Graphic Design - Communications Internship - Submission Stage
Yellow Shoes Associate Art Director/Graphic Design Internship- In Progress
Yellow Shoes Associate Copywriter Internship - In Progress

Management Internship - Lodging NLIC

Some I went NLIC for right away. The recruitment marketing one I was "In Progress" for a little while and then went to No Longer In Consideration. I don't feel as bad about that one because I was rejected after a real person looked at my application and materials.

So just waiting and hoping for good news!

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