Monday, July 8, 2013

Assesment Day and First Day on my own!

On Sunday I had my Assessment! Even though I had gotten one less day of training than everyone else, the manager and the trainer felt that I was ready to take it anyway. This time my trainer was Lynda and she went over a lot of the assessment questions before we took it. There was a written part that was mostly multiple choice or true and false, then there was a section where Lynda would watch me interact with guests and see how I handled certain situations.  I only got 4 questions wrong on the assessment which was very good! After that we actually got to spend a little bit of time in the Window location, we did mostly ticketing transactions there and it wasn't too bad. Later on they will actually train me for that location.

I have been wearing our "Summer" option for my costume. This costume is not as fancy looking as the one with the vest, but so much more comfortable. Firstly, girls don't need to wear pantyhose, and second the shirt is untucked. A lot of women in Guest Relations don't really like the costume but I think it is okay. The skirt is actually a navy blue skort.

Today was my first day alone without a trainer. I was a little nervous but as the day went on I felt more confident. I did have to ask my fellow CMs for help or just to check to make sure I was doing the right thing, but they were more than happy to help. I also finally got to talk with one of our other PIs, Mehlanie as we were working the same shift. Later on in the shift our manager brought us our D-Pins! These are the gold pins that Guest Relations cast members wear on their costumes and is a long standing tradition at the Walt Disney Company.
So now it is official! I am a Guest Relations Hostess at Disney's Animal Kingdom!

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  1. I like the summer option outfit. Love the skort feature. Congratulations on passing your assessment with flying colors.
    Loving your frequent posts !!!!!!!!!!!