Saturday, July 6, 2013

OJT Day 2 and Day 3

The past two days I have had more on the job training at Animal Kingdom. During these days we have focused a lot on being in the lobby and assisting guests. My trainer was there to jump in whenever a situation came up we hadn't covered or if I was unsure of something. Most of the day was filled with lost and found items, making dining reservations and converting tickets from the paper style to the new RF chip ones.

One guest we helped was a family who traveled from Europe. They felt that the FastPass policy was not clear and was confusing to figure out how it operated. The guest wanted to ride Kali River Rapids which is a raft ride. She wanted to put belongings in a locker, but was told by a cast member that the lockers were at the front of the park. By the time she walked across the park to the front, got a locker, in the pouring rain, and walked back she had missed her FastPass return time. Then she discovered that there were lockers at Kali River Rapids and she was more upset. To assist her we explained how the Fastpass system worked in detail, then provided some extra pixie dust she could redeem when visiting Epcot and Studios over the next few days. We also talked about the best way to experience each of those parks, what attractions we recommended for her children and set her up with a dining reservation. This is just one example of Guest Service Recovery where the guest was able to walk away happy.

I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of all of the policies, computer systems and what I can do, but where I struggle is communicating with the guest. I haven't yet developed what we call a "script' for what I will say to guests in different situations.

Today was my Day 3 of training and we are supposed to have 4 days and then an assessment day. Because of scheduling problems with my medical restrictions I missed a day. They decided that I knew things well enough to just take the assessment on day 4 instead of 5! Mark, Macky and I played a Jeopardy type game with our trainers and I won. (The secret is to get all the 800 point questions!) Tomorrow is my assessment!


  1. i do plan to apply for guest relations i think, and being an RA will definitely help me with that "scripted" speech you speak of

  2. Love reading the almost daily updates about your new adventure. What kind of Pixie Dust were you able to give to the Europe family to help their experience?
    How did your assessment go? what is involved in that process?

    1. Hi! The assessment is a two part process. The first part is demonstration, so the trainer stands back and watches you interact with the guests. They are watching to make sure you know how to do things, how to speak with the guests etc. Of course they don't expect you to know everything and are still available to help or answer your questions, but they want to make sure you know the basic guest situations we deal with all the time, such as lost and found, reissusing lost tickets, making dining reservations etc.

      The second part is a written test. It is mostly multiple choice and true and false. Questions range from information about the park, where things are located, situational questions, and questions about selling tickets.

      It sounds really scary, but we went over most of it ahead of time and I only got 4 questions wrong!

  3. love love loving your blog!! your assessment is done now and i am sure it went great!