Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DAKlimation and Days off before final training!

On Saturday I had my property tour of Animal Kingdom. Here it is called DAKlimation. The orientation group was very small and was mostly new full time cast members. Mark and Macky who are also doing GR at DAK were also on the tour with me. The facilitators were very good and I would said offered unique backgrounds and information to the tour. The one worked in Animal Programs and was an Animal Trainer, she is currently teaching a pig to paint for a new show at Rafiki's Planet Watch. The other was a Performer at the Festival of the Lion King show. They both had unique insights on how different areas of the park operated.

The class started with a tour of Animal Kingdom. At first I was worried because even though it was around 9am it was already incredibly hot out. The tour was about 2 1/2 hours and we were allowed to have a water bottle with us. Additionally we tried to stand in shaded areas as we walked around the park. We talked about the backstory to each of the areas at Animal Kingdom as well as the attractions and animals that could be found. After the tour we took a well deserved break and then started some classroom type stuff.

We went over the 4 Keys of Safety, Courtesty, Show and Efficiency and talked about how we could demonstrate each in our area. Then we talked about conservation and how they take care of the animals at the park. It was pretty interesting.

At about 12 it was time to break for lunch. It was supposed to be 1 hour and then we could meet at costuming at 1pm to find our costumes and finally clock out at 2pm. Since we already had our GR costumes Macky, Mark and I decided to just clock out at 12. We decided to eat at the Flame Tree BBQ at DAK because we had never been and decided it would be good product knowledge to share with the guests. Personally I thought the food was okay, one of the reasons I had never eaten there is because no one really feels like eating BBQ when it is 100 degrees outside and because it is outdoor seating. The seating area is covered and overlooks the water, so it isn't really that hot to sit there.

Later after taking a very nice nap I set out to meet up with TJ, Sal and Macky at Studios. We went on a few attractions and then decided we needed to try one of those Macaroni and Cheese Hot Dogs. After getting our food we just sat around and talked for a few hours. Not really about anything in particular but just getting to know each other.

I spent my next two days off doing nothing but watching Netflix and relaxing. On Monday night a few of us met up at MK because we wanted to see the special 4th of July fireworks that they happen to be showing all week long. It was really cool to see them without having to actually go on the 4th when there will be literally 75,000 people there. Not sure what plans I have for the 4th. I have seen Epcot's a few years ago so I am thinking about going to the Studios. 

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