Friday, July 19, 2013

Four Keys Cards

Disney is unlike any other company I have worked for before, I don't know if you have noticed but the people who work here truly love their job. Morale is very high at Disney and I think it is because Disney has several ways to recognize their Cast Members who are excellent.

One of these ways is a Four Keys Card. This is about the size of an index card and you can receive one for a variety of reasons and from a variety of people. Most people will receive them from their leaders or coordinators but they can also be given to you by fellow Cast Members or even by Guest Relations for getting a guest compliment. The cards have written on them what you did that demonstrated one or more of the 4 Keys service basics (Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency) So if you have a fantastic CM that really went out of their way to help you or make your day a little better, stop by Guest Relations and let us know! All you need to remember is the name and the location where they were working. CMs love to receive these cards, and we get to keep a copy, its nice to look at them from time to time or when you've had a rough day to remember that you can make a difference.  Additionally they get added to our record card which potentially could help us move up in the company.

Here is the card I got yesterday!

So you are probably wondering what I did to get this? Well this came from one of my Leaders. I had a guest who came and said she had lost a small black bag containing her ID, wallet, some cash and medication. It was near park closing but we still did not have the item. Sometimes lost and found doesn't come back to us at Guest Relations until after the park is closed and then those items are sent to our central lost and found location. We explain this to the guest and give them the lost and found card with the number on it to call the next day. The guest looked more concerned as I spoke and asked if she could wait around for a while and see if it turned up or if she could leave her information. We don't take guest info and we don't call guests telling them we have their item. I started to realize that the guest probably really needed the medication that was inside this bag and could not wait until tomorrow to retrieve it.

I went back to talk to the help desk and my leader. I explained that this woman was very concerned about this medication in the bag, and that she did not think she could wait to retrieve the bag tomorrow. She was staying at one of our resorts so I asked if it came in if we could bring it to her. This is not something we normally do because we simply do not have the man power to do so, also there is always the small chance that it is not the guest's item. My leader said this would be okay to do, and provided me with some other solutions for the guest such as getting her the phone numbers of local CVS or Walgreens to get it refilled. We also sent out an email to all areas describing the bag and where she thought she lost it. I explained to the guest that there might be a possibility that we could either return it to her at her resort or call her and she could return to the park to get it. She was very thankful and left me her name and phone number. Sure enough about 20 mins later the bag shows up with everything inside it. I called the guest and she was still inside the park so she came right over! The guest was very relieved and thanked me for helping her.

The next day I got the card from the leader who had been assisting me. It was not expected, which is the best part about these cards. I thought that interaction was simply me doing my job and what I could to help this guest so it was a nice surprise to get the card and be told that I had done a great job.


  1. Glad to learn about key cards and will make a point in future visits to follow through at guest relations when someone really helps. For us it usually pertains to dining and accommodating my daughter sever food allergies.

  2. This really touched my heart!! Had we known about the 4 keys cards we definitely would have recommended one for a cpl of cm's in 2010 when my hubby left our camcorder in a br in dca. We were in DL before its absence was noticed. It wasn't the camcorder that mattered but what was on it. You see, this was our very 1st alone vacay with his 2 children after a nasty divorce & custody battle. My US Marine hubby was in tears after running all the way back to dca from DL to not find it. All his memories- gone. It was devastating. Our last day of 5 as well. 5 days of magic- gone... A good samaritan witnessed him leave it in the br in dca but couldn't catch up before we left for DL. This person took the camcorder all the way to the Gallery in DL & just when we thought all was lost- a CM informed us that someone had indeed brought over the item. Oh how I wish special cards could be given to outstanding guests as well. This CM definitely deserved one, as she delved into our family troubles right alongside us. She did not waver in her regular duties, either, whilst paying extra attn to our situation. Now that I know about the cards I will definitely be carrying a small pad n pen during our very soon upcoming visit! Expect lots of 4 key card recommendations!