Thursday, June 27, 2013

Days off at Disney is like being on a permanent vacation!

So I've been doing some fun things on my recent days off. For a quick update on my medical restrictions problem, I did get my doctor to send a letter to change them and I should be able to start on the job training as soon as they are approved. I only missed one day which doesn't count against me, and the next few scheduled days are at Disney University.

Well I finally got my ID on Monday so after class a few GR interns hit up EPCOT. We walked around the World Showcase and I pointed out all the best snacks! We went to the new bakery in France but I didn't end up getting anything. We also rode single rider on Test Track, and I have to say I don't know if I like it or not. It's definitely different from the old version.

Tuesday I went to the Magic Kingdom to meet up with Josh who I've met from Tumblr and the Disboards. We had a great time and he showed me around New Fantasyland. We went on the Little Mermaid ride and I was so impressed with the figures! They look so real, its really different than any other attraction.

He also taught me how to play the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game which was pretty neat. I'll probably play again another time. After he had to leave I met up with some other friends to go on a few rides and watch Wishes. I got nearly soaked on Splash Mountain and finished off the night with some corn dog nuggets from Casey's Corner.

Wednesday I was so tired from my MK fun that I slept in late and then made plans to meet up with friends at Studios later on. Blake and I hung out for awhile and went on every ride.

 He beat me on Toy Story Mania by 300 points! So I vowed I would win the next time. Then he introduced me to something that looked completely amazing. A hot dog covered in macaroni and cheese. I didn't get to eat one though because my stomach was feeling a little uneasy from Star Tours. It is at Fairfax Fare which is near the Rock n' Roller Coaster.

After that we met up with Corey and Nick who are GR interns too. We saw Fantasmic! Which is my favorite show and then Nick, Blake and I rode Toy Story again and this time I WON! Blake was a very sore loser.

Thursday was my last day off before training starts up again. What? I'm here to work....Oh yeah that's right...My friend  Jill, from my previous program was visiting all the way from Australia! So another friend from my program John and I met up with her and her boyfriend Richard at Splitsville.

If you don't know Splitsville is a bowling alley at Downtown Disney, and it is really cool. We actually were on the second floor. Who knew you could bowl upstairs...ANYWHERE? We had a great time and it was so nice to see her again.

 Later I went to Magic Kingdom again with Blake and my other GR friend Nathan. I finally got to try LeFou's Brew at Gaston's Tavern. I also got a cinnamon roll in hopes that they were like the old Main Street Bakery, but it wasn't quite the same.
I hate to ruin the magic, but LeFou's Brew is basically just an apple juice slushy. It was a pretty ingenious way of serving a beverage that looks like alcohol in a park that doesn't serve alcohol.... We hit up some more rides and Nathan and I got to see a little bit of the Electrial Water Pagent while waitng for the boat back to the Poly.

Tomorrow I have training at Disney University again. The class I'm scheduled for I think is about the new My Disney Experience app that is available to guests. I guess I will find out!

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