Sunday, June 23, 2013


On Friday I had to take Traditions (again). However this time it was for 8 hours instead of the CP version which is only 4. I've taken it twice before so it was pretty much the same thing I have done the other two times just longer and went into more details. Personally I don't see a need for it to be 8 hours as I feel the same amount of information was covered just dragged out forever.

I also have a problem with some of my medical accommodations. I had previously been told that everything was set up and was fine. Well then they informed me that they wanted to "recast" me into another role. I told them that was not an option and did not understand why these accommodations would be an issue. Later I discovered that my doctor must have misunderstood the form. I don't want to go into details but Disney isn't really set up for people who only need accommodations at certain times versus daily.  So as a result I cannot attend any On the Job training until my doctor sends a letter removing the restrictions. Since this all happened on Friday I need to wait until Monday to call my doctor.

I spoke with my leaders at DAK and we discussed the role and what type of accommodation I was "supposed" to be getting. We also discussed the role so when I call my doctor I can explain to him that I know I can work without the restrictions.

I am pretty positive that my doctor will remove the restrictions, I am just worried about how much time it will take to do so. I am unable to work at my location but I can still attend the 4 more days I am scheduled at Disney University in the meantime. Also there was a snafu in getting my ID which means I also have to wait until Monday to get into the parks, costuming and etc. It has been a frustrating start to say the least.

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