Monday, June 24, 2013

Guest Relations Core Training

For the past two days I have been at Disney University to learn all about the basics of Guest Relations!

Day 1
There were 29 of us or so scheduled for the class and we learned the basics of Guest Relations. We talked a lot about the history of Guest Relations and of the Tour Guides at Disneyland. Something I was not really that shocked to learn was that originally to be a Guest Relations host you had to be female, attractive and a certain size. In fact there are Cast Members at the Magic Kingdom who can remember managers asking them to step onto a scale to see how much they weighed! Things really have changed! Now anyone, Male or Female has the opportunity to become a Guest Relations Host or Hostess. And you don't have to be a certain weight either.

Later we did a brief overview of services for guests who have disabilities, common forms and computer programs we would be learning later on in training. We also talked a lot about the future of Guest Relations and how the role is continuing to change with the new MyMagic+ bands and the new Fastpass+

Day 2

We were split into two smaller groups and learned about the different computer programs we would be using at work. We talked about lost and found items, guest messaging system, dining reservations and then did some E-learning. If you have read anyone's blog before you will know that E-learning is a complete snooze-fest. This wasn't so bad, and since I had already worked for the company and completed most of the basic modules before I was able to go home early since I was done.

I also finally got my Cast ID so tonight I will be going to Epcot with some GR friends. I also was able to contact my Dr's office and they should be faxing the letter I need tomorrow, so things are looking like they will turn out okay in that sense as well!

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