Wednesday, June 5, 2013

10 Days! Training Schedule

I am leaving for my Professional Internship in Guest Relations in 10 days! Today I got an email from the training team welcoming me to DAK Guest Relations. The email detailed my training schedule at Disney University and in the Lobby at DAK.

Obviously I whited out last names for privacy =)

So what I can gather my schedule will go like this

June 19th- Check in at 10:15 am at Casting
June 21 or 22- Traditions?
June 23 - Class at Disney University
June 24 - Class at Disney University
June 25 - Lobby Training at DAK
June 26 & 27 - Days Off
June 28 - Class at Disney University
June 29 - DAKlimation
June 30 & July 1 - Days off
July 2 & 3 - Class at Disney University
July 4 -7 - Lobby Training at DAK

I'm pretty excited because the shifts I have on the 3rd and 4th end early, which means I will be able to get to a park to see the awesome 4th of July fireworks! It is seriously my favorite holiday!

The schedule seems a little hectic, but should be fun. The classes at Disney University will be to teach me about the role of Guest Relations, and the ticketing system. I think it will be fun but also there will be A LOT to learn!

DAKlimation is a property orientation of Animal Kingdom. On this day we will tour around the park and learn about it's themeing and history. DAK is the only park I haven't been backstage in, so I am a little nervous. Also I have my first day of Lobby Training before I have my orientation so I am a little nervous about finding cast parking, costuming and getting to my location! Lucky for my my friend Jefferson has just started his CP doing Safaris at DAK, he says he will show me how to get there!


  1. So exciting! Of course you will have to post how it goes! Glad that you will get to see the 4th of July fireworks! Last year on the 4th, I was working at the Polynesian but a cast member who had been there for a while switched breaks with me so I could see them! I changed real quick and watched them with guests at the resort. They were awesome!! :)

  2. I did manage to see the ones at EPCOT last year as it was my break time, I changed my shirt and went outside to a little backstage area. I couldn't hear the music they were playing but I could see how awesome they were! I'm hoping to see the fireworks at MK or Studios this time!