Saturday, February 2, 2013

Narrowing Down my Choices

Professional Internships have been posted for almost a week now. And I still have not applied for any positions! I have been spending the past week looking over all the positions and narrowing down which ones I am interested in. I have also been working on my resume, asking for letters of recomendation and working on finishing my portfolio. Some of the positions ask for a cover letter so I will be working on those as well.  I've given a lot of thought to including cover letters and letters of recomendation when they are not being asked for, and I have decided that if they don't want to read it they don't need to look at it, and hopefully it will show that I am very interested in the position by the extra effort.

I have finally narrowed down the list of which I am going to apply for. Most of them are Graphic Design or Event Planning based as I have significant experience in both. I am also applying for a Lodging MI and have interest in several Alumni Only PI's

Here is my complete list of what I plan to apply for:

Alumni Only:
Guest Relations
Park Event Operations Assistant
Cast Activities, Events and Recognition.
(Maybe Guest Correspondence or EPCOT Project Support)

Regular PIs:
Catering and Convention Services
Disney Fairytale Weddings
Recruitment Marketing Graphic Design Internship
Distribution Marketing Services Graphic Design Internship
Disney Institute Graphic Design Internship
Graphic Design - Communications Internship
Communications Internship
Yellow Shoes Associate Art Director/Graphic Design Internship
(Maybe - Yellow Shoes Associate Copywriter Internship)

Management Internship - Lodging

I feel that I am qualified for all of these positions and it would be amazing to recieve an offer for one of these positions. I am taking my time with my applications so I feel comfortable and that I have given each my best shot.

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