Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Waiting Game

The waiting game has begun and already I am anxious and nervous! The sad part about it is I will also be waiting for an extremely long time since they told me the latest date to hear back about PIs is April 26th!

The wait time for the CP should be much shorter, probably only about 2 weeks. Some people are getting emails that they are pending and others are getting NLIC on their dashboard. No one has been accepted yet.

I really don't like this whole dashboard thing. When I applied for the Spring 2010 Program there was no dashboard, you did your phone interview and then you waited for them to email you. There was no where to constantly log in and check, I wasn't even in a Facebook group where other people would constantly post about their status. I was happy and content just waiting. But now, I'm so nervous and anxious! I log on several times a day to check my status.

I really need the to get the CP in case I don't get a PI. Otherwise what will I do? Ahh!

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