Friday, February 8, 2013

Alumni Only Phone Interview: COMPLETE!!

Hey all,

I just completed my alumni only phone interview for Professional Internships. My interview was supposed to be at 5:15 but they called at 5:30. The interviewer apologized for the delay and explained that they were running a little over time on previous interviews. ( I actually took this as a good sign!) She explained she would extend the same courtesy to me as the others. She was very upbeat and friendly and put me at ease.

I told her I planned to apply for a Lodging MI and some other PI's but had not done so yet and she said that some departments may look up this interview to use, and others may contact me for an interview. She said she would ask me some MI questions so they would have those to look at if I was being considered for it.

Questions she asked:

Why do you want to do a PI?
What qualities do you think a Leader has?
What leadership experience do you have?
What skills have you learned from working at X Y and Z?
How do you you stay organized?
Tell me about a conflict with a guest, co worker or manager?

Management Related
Tell me about a leadership position you have held?
What was the most rewarding part of this position?
What was the most challenging aspect?

Alumni Only Related:
What are your top 3 roles?
Do you have event planning experience ( #2 and #3 are very event planning heavy)
Tell me a quality that helped you excel in your previous event planning experience?
Did you have to overcome any obstacles in your event planning experience?
Why do you want to do Guest Relations?
What do you think the role of GR is?

Then some basic questions about the Disney Look, Where I did my CP etc. She asked if I had anything else to add and if I had any questions. I asked her how she got her start at the company and we chatted about that for a bit.

Overall I think the interview went very well. I think she was very thorough in her questions and gave me some positive feedback. She said the latest I would hear back is April 26th so now the waiting game begins!

On another note I have applied for the CP today as a backup. The process has changed a little bit but I am scheduled to interview on Monday!

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