Friday, February 12, 2010

Days off = bored

So I haven't been working but my roommates have. The parks are only open until around 9pm right now so by the time they get home from work it is too late to go. My roommate Amy and I went to Downtown Disney a few times because we could get a 50% holiday discount until the 11th. So I bought everything I wanted while I could get half off instead of the regular 20%.

I spilled iced tea on my laptop and it died. I was really mad at myself. I took it to Best Buy were the guy told me it would cost $85 to send it out to have it looked at and for that type of damage it would cost over $300 fix. So it would have been $400 to fix a laptop that I paid $700 for. I decided to buy a new one, so I went to Staples and bought one for $730. It is a little bigger than my old one but it had the newer operating system.

I also started my class with the Disney University. I am taking Human Resource Management. It is once a week for 4 hours. So far it seems interesting and the instructor is very nice. In March I will also be taking a seminar series on Guest Service.

Last night Lene, Nicole, Christine and I went over to the Magic Kingdom, because it was the last day to get our discount. We went on Pirates and then on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Then we watched Wishes. We made our way up to Main Street were it was packed because people were trying to leave, but other people were sitting on the sidewalks to watch the nighttime parade! We went into the Ice cream shop and got ice cream with little chocolate circles stuck in the scoop to look like Mickey ears!

After that we went shopping and watched some of Spectromagic (the parade) Lene, Nicole, and I went to Downtown Disney and got something to eat at Earl of Sandwich!

Magic Kingdom is open until 11 tonight because it is Presidents day weekend, so when Amy and Elizabeth come back from work we might go over there and ride some rides.

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