Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Job

So after sitting around in my apartment all week without working someone from employee relations called me to talk about my medical accommodations. She told me that they had approved the revisions and that they were trying to find a new role for me. She said that there was an opening for a front desk position, so we talked about the requirements for that.

Well today was Saturday and I hadn't heard anything so I tried to call someone who could tell me what was going on. I was kind of mad because I did everything I was supposed to do and Disney was the ones who messed up.

Today someone called me from the Training Team to tell me that my role has been changed from Merchandise to Front Desk/Cashier at Pop Century! So on Tuesday I have like an orientation at the resort and on Wed, Thurs, and Fri is my Lasting Impressions class at the Disney University.

I'm glad that they finally got everything straightened out but now I'm nervous that I won't get the days off I wanted for when BJ is coming to visit. I asked the person on the phone and they said to resubmit them and put a note on it that says you are resubmitting them because your work location changed.

Yesterday Amy, Elizabeth, Brittany, Ren, Nicole and I went to the Magic Kingdom at night. It had poured all day so the park was basically empty. Britt and Amy forgot their ID cards so they had to go back to the apartment. They were going to meet up with us but Brittany never found hers so they didn't. Elizabeth, Nicole, Ren and I went on all the rides in Fantasyland, the park was empty, we walked right on Dumbo. We rode Goofy's Barnstormer twice! and got to go in Mickey and Minnie's houses while they were completely empty, so we got to look at everything. On the way out we watched Spectromagic at 11 and then headed back to the apartment.

I don't know if people want to do stuff after they get back from work tonight. Since it is presidents day weekend the Magic Kingdom is open until midnight tonight.

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