Monday, February 15, 2010

Not working = No $$

So I haven't worked since last Sunday. I was told that my managers would talk to housing about not taking the rent out of my check because I was not working, and it was Disney's fault.

So imagine my surprise today when there is a notice on my apartment door that says I owe them $114 for rent which had to be paid by Wed. So I call the number on the bottom of the paper. So they don't charge you rent the first week, instead they take double out of the next week. So I owed $84 for the first week and another $84 for the second week. I only worked one day last week, so I made a total of $58 and Price management took $53 of that for rent. Thus I owe them $114.

So being pretty mad and frustrated with Disney at this point I call them on the phone and try to explain what was going on. How I requested a medical accommodation weeks before I arrived, and had my restrictions approved on Jan 13th, yet when I arrived on Feb 1st management had no idea I needed accommodations. My managers then took me off the schedule and I haven't worked since the 7th. I told them that I was told that my managers would talk to housing about my situation so they would not take rent out of my check this week.

The person on the phone said she needed to talk to her supervisor who then needed to contact the Lady I had talked to at employee relations. About an hour later she called me back to say that Employee Relations had confirmed that I had done everything correctly, but that I had been miscast into the wrong role. They comped me the rent for last week since it was Disney's fault, so now I only owe them $30 for the first week still.

Tomorrow I start my training at Pop Century, doing the tour of the resort and getting my new costume. Then I have my First Impression class at the Disney University Wed through Sat. I'm glad to be working finally again, but not so happy about having to do all new training.

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  1. Really enjoying reading your blog and about the process of working at Disney ( If I didn't have a husband and child, i would SO have done the CP)

    Look forward to reading more!
    Maybe I will see you at Pop next month!!