Thursday, February 18, 2010

First Impressions Day 1 and 2

So on Wednesday and Today I had my First Impressions Class at the Disney University. On day 1 we went over guest service and the Disney Basics! I'm not sure they could think of one more place to stuff the Basics down your throat! After the Basics we talked about more guest service and watched a video starring that guy who is the sun in the Jimmy Dean commercials. It had its funny/cheesy moments. In the afternoon we learned how to sign on to the computer screens. There are two different places you have to log in for front desk. The first is called Green Screen and it is a very old computer program where you can't use the mouse and have to type everything. The other program that you actually use to check guests in is called DPMS and this one is newer and easier to use. And you can use the mouse! We went over all the steps you need to do to check in a guest. Then we did some practice check ins. After that we learned to sign out.

On day two we practiced taking payments with different types of payment, like cash, travelers checks, credit cards, and personal checks (which no one ever uses). Next we practiced checking in guest who wanted to do all kinds of different things. Then we got to go into the Front Desk lab, which is a room set up just like the front desk of the hotel. We got to take turns being the guest and being the front desk person. After that we went over how to balance out our drawer at the end of the shift. We also did some more Elearning on the computer.

I have 2 more days of First Impressions Training, and then on Sunday I start on the job training at my resort.


  1. Hi, I know your Mom from Mousebuzz and my Mom and I will be traveling to Disney and staying at Pop from Friday, February 26th from Monday, March 1st. Do you know where you're working at the resort yet? If you're there I'll drop by and say hello.

  2. I am so jealous! I really wanted hospitality as my role but got merchandise because that's what I have experience in.

    And Pop Century was my dream location too. Have fun and keep us updated!